We are the company with the tradition more over 25 years in this assortment PET. We deliver to the Eastern Europe and Russia and have got our warehouses in Russsia and in Estonia. For our expansation in the Western Europe we lead our warehouse in Germany to satisfy our customer from the nearer point of delivery.

Lillipet® is an internationally registered trademark which aim is to combine great quality and competitive preices in a product. The idea is to offer an ideal and complete professional concept in which each product is a brick in a strong wall, a piece of something special – therefore reliable quality and stable prices united in a constistent portfolio will bei a guarantor of your success.

The trademark ist designed in Germany and produced in the most skilled factories worldwide. Lillipet® will finally also be available in your country.

Distribution will only be made by professionals partners. Participate in something new, be  part of the success and apply for becoming the Lillipet® partner in your region!

Lillipet® ist simply strong and advantageous and quick in the basics. Make your profit from our angagement.

We lead more over 600 positions and the most of them warehouse holded with very quick delivering..


We are looking forward to your inquiry about our products, they you can see under the DOWNLOAD and ARTICLES .